Scutellaria sp.

Item data

Item Type: Specimen
Family Lamiaceae
Genus Scutellaria

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LINN 751.10 Scutellaria sp. (Herb Linn)

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Sheet data

Item Type: Specimen
Genus: Scutellaria
Genus number: 751
Sheet number: 10
Mutis minori proxima JESSmithUNSPECIFIED
Additional Information:
Note typeNote
Savage[list 1 c.1773 n.123 indet. L. - but in list 2 Mutis says that n.118 in list 2 is the same as n.123 in list 1. In list 2, Mutis has, - Scutellaria ?]
Author: filius, Linnaeus
Coll number: 123
Collection history: Mutis, J.C. > Linnaeus, C.
Documentation date: 8 ["lib/utils:month_20" not defined] 2001

Derived data

Family: Lamiaceae
Species speculative: No
Genus speculative: No