Mespilus sp.

Item data

Item Type: Specimen
Family Rosaceae
Genus Mespilus

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LINN 646.4 Mespilus sp. (Herb Linn)

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Sheet data

Item Type: Specimen
Genus: Mespilus
Genus number: 646
Sheet number: 4
H[ortus] Drotningh[olm] [i.e. from the Swedish Queen's Garden]LinnaeusUNSPECIFIED
Geography: Hortus Drotningholm
Collection history: Linnaeus, C.
Documentation date: 7 ["lib/utils:month_31" not defined] 2001

Derived data

Family: Rosaceae
Locality: Cultivated < Sweden > Drotningholm > Garden [Queen of Sweden]
Country: Cultivated
Country code: -
Level 4 code: HORT
Pinned with sheet: 646.3
Species speculative: No
Genus speculative: No