William Roscoe to James Edward Smith

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Ref No GB-110/JES/COR/17/65
Title William Roscoe to James Edward Smith
Letter date 24 Nov 1808
Author(s) William Roscoe 1753-1831
Number of Pages 4

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GB-110/JES/COR/17/65 from William Roscoe to James Edward Smith (24 November 1808)

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Item Type: Document
From: Roscoe, William
To: Smith, Sir James Edward

Replies to Smith's letter of 17 November; he is in the same situation as Mr Ives respecting Boydell's Shakespeare; his experience.
[John] Shepherd [(c 1764-1836, curator Liverpool Botanic Garden] is to supply Smith with specimens of all 'Canna' and 'Marauta' in [Liverpool Botanic] Garden; sends drawings of two 'Canna' and a 'Maranta arundinacea' with dissection of flower, to be returned.
Linnean Society right to avoid controversy, but the object of his enquiry would be to compare the [Linnaeus and Jussieu] systems and not to detract from their merits. His current interests, including acquisition of new prints and drawings, and perusal of works of Abate [Luigi] Lanzi [(1732-1810, Italian art historian], just returned by [Henry] Fuseli [(1741-1825), painter]. Intends to look at Smith's work for [Abraham] Rees' "Cyclopedia". Sorry to not have become better acquainted with the Kindersleys whilst they were in Lancashire.

Letter date: 24 Nov 1808
Languages: English
Prev Ref No: 17.131
Additional Information:
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UNSPECIFIEDFor Smith's letter of 17 November 1808, to which this is a reply, see JES/COR/17/63. Rees, A (comp.) et al, (1819-1820). "The cyclopædia, or, universal dictionary of arts, sciences, and literature." London: Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme & Brown.
UNSPECIFIEDDawson, W R (1934). "Catalogue of the manuscripts in the Library of The Linnean Society - Part I. The Smith papers: The correspondence and miscellaneous papers of Sir James Edward Smith", London: Linnean Society.