Edmund Davall, Orbe, [Switzerland], to James Edward Smith

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Ref No GB-110/JES/COR/14/63
Title Edmund Davall, Orbe, [Switzerland], to James Edward Smith
Letter date 11 Oct 1793
Author(s) Edmund Davall 1763-1798
Number of Pages 4

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GB-110/JES/COR/14/63 from Edmund Davall, Orbe, [Switzerland], to James Edward Smith (11 October 1793)

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Item Type: Document
From: Davall, Edmund
Sent from: Orbe, Switzerland
To: Smith, Sir James Edward

Hopes Smith received letter of 16 August 1793 and parcel containing plants including 'Orchis abortiva', bottle with flowers of same, and seeds. Feels unwell and low spirited. Sends seeds of 'Lavatera punctata' [Carlo] Allioni "Auctarium", 'Minnartia campestris' L., and 'Androsace lactea', observations including growing recommendations. Thanks for second parcel of Botany Bay plants. Will wait to send Smith's Montpellier parcel till sure of safe carriage. Would have come to England to see Smith but his finances ruined by purchasing books.
Approves of Smith's observations on 'Veronica kamtchatica' in "Linnean Transactions", asks if he will adopt Allioni and [Dominique] Villars' name 'uniflora' for 'Hypochaeris helvetica'. Offers to send "Gesnus dissertatio de Ranunculo bellifloro". Requests copy of a plate for [Jean] Senebier. Sends copy of Burman's "de Geraniis". 'Ranunculus plantaginifolius' of "Systema Vegetabilium" ed 14 found in Swiss Alps this summer; and a 'Bufonia tenuifolia' turned out to be 'Moehringia muscosa'.

Letter date: 11 Oct 1793
Languages: English
Prev Ref No: 14.163
Additional Information:
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Related MaterialFor Davall's letter of 16 August 1793, see JES/COR/14/61. Allioni, C, (1773). "Auctarium ad synopsim methodicam stirpium Horti Reg." Taurinensis. Turin. Smith, J E, 'Remarks on the Genus Veronica', "Transactions of the Linnean Society of London", 1791 1(1), pp.189-195. Burman, N L (1759). "Specimen botanicum de Geraniis, &c (Prolegomena) / De medulla radicis ad florem pertingente disserit C.C." Ludguni Batavorum; please note not available in Linnean Society Library but available in Natural History Museum Library. Linnaeus, C, and Murray, J A, (1774). "Caroli a Linne equitis systema vegetabilium secundum classes ordines genera species cum characteribus et differentiis editio decima quarta ... curante Jo. Andrea Murray ..." Gottingae et Gothae: Typis et Impensis Jo. Christ. Dieterich, 14th ed.