Samuel Goodenough to James Edward Smith

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Ref No GB-110/JES/COR/11/64
Title Samuel Goodenough to James Edward Smith
Letter date 4 Apr 1808
Author(s) Samuel Goodenough 1743-1827
Number of Pages 4

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GB-110/JES/COR/11/64 from Samuel Goodenough to James Edward Smith (4 April 1808)

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Item Type: Document
From: Goodenough, Samuel
To: Smith, Sir James Edward

Insists that he sent a franked letter to Smith after leaving Rochester, it included praise of Smith's "Introduction to Botany" [not extant]. His new duties at the House of Lords more time consuming than he anticipated. Thinks naming plants after unworthy people "lowers the science" [in reference to Richard Salisbury naming 'Hookera' after his botanical artist William Hooker [(1779-1832)]. Sends back Smith's work [for "Flora Graeca"] with queries on Latin usage for several items. Spent the day with [Aylmer Bourke] Lambert who has just received large addition of [New] South Wales plants to his herbarium. Sir Abraham Hume, Admiral and Mrs Essington, General [Francis (c 1758-1814)] and Mrs Grose, [Alexander] Macleay, [Thomas] Marsham, and Lord Seaforth were also there. Wrote to Dawson Turner correcting 'Griffithsii' to 'Griffithsiae'. Persuaded Hume to become a FLS. Shall discuss the new Geological and Entomological societies the next time he sees Smith. Mrs Lynn in decline. Hopes to visit Smith's sister in Liverpool on his way to Carlisle.

Letter date: 4 Apr 1808
Languages: English
Prev Ref No: 11.124
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Finding AidsDawson, W R, (1934). "Catalogue of the manuscripts in the Library of The Linnean Society - Part I. The Smith papers: The correspondence and miscellaneous papers of Sir James Edward Smith", London: Linnean Society.
Related MaterialSee Smith's letter to Goodenough 3 Apr 1808 for Salisbury's naming 'Hookera', JES/COR/11/63. Smith, J E, (1807). "An Introduction to Physiological and Systematical Botany." London: Longman.