Aylmer Bourke Lambert to James Edward Smith

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Ref No GB-110/JES/COR/6/23
Title Aylmer Bourke Lambert to James Edward Smith
Letter date 6 May 1801
Author(s) Aylmer Bourke Lambert 1761-1842
Number of Pages 6

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GB-110/JES/COR/6/23 from Aylmer Bourke Lambert to James Edward Smith (6 May 1801)

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Item Type: Document
From: Lambert, Aylmer Bourke
To: Smith, Sir James Edward

Over the last year has collected all species of 'Salix' growing near London, Lee's garden providing the most. Perplexed by 'Salix amygdalina', 'Salix helix', and 'Salix hermaphroditica'. Pleased to hear of Smith's paper on 'Salix'. Received a letter from [William] Roxburgh, who is stationed at the Cape [of Good Hope] to collect seeds and plants for East India Company, and is expecting to receive specimens of all of Roxburgh's collection, particularly 'Erica' and 'Protea', will send Smith any duplicates. Has just received a box from Soho Square [Sir Joseph Banks' home] of [Roxburgh's] plants, there are many new ones including 'Trapa'. Has a copy of the "Flora Peruviana". Reports progress of engravings [for his book "Description of the genus Pinus"].
On a separate folded piece of paper Lambert lists species of 'Salix' he already has specimens of and requests specimens of any not mentioned, on reverse comments "the enclosed [extant] plant is S[alix] fissa from [William] Curtis garden is not rubra?".
Specimen of 'Salix fissa'.

Letter date: 6 May 1801
Languages: English
Prev Ref No: 6.38
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