Linnaean Manuscripts

The Linnaean Manuscripts Online: Sixteen Manuscripts that Re-wrote Nature

An on-line database of sixteen manuscripts from the Manuscripts Collection of Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778) held at the Linnean Society of London.

Researching and editing these sixteen manuscripts was made possible by a Wellcome Trust grant to Dr Staffan Müller-Wille, Dr Isabelle Charmantier, and Dr Robert Leigh (University of Exeter), in collaboration with the Linnean Society.

This research, now available online for the first time together with digital images of the sixteen manuscripts, is the offshoot of a bigger Wellcome Trust funded project, entitled ‘Rewriting the System of Nature. Linnaeus’s Use of Writing Technologies’ (2009-2012). It explored what is sometimes called ‘the first bio-information crisis’, through a detailed reconstruction of the ways in which Carl Linnaeus assembled, filed, and cross-referenced information about plants and their medicinal properties.

For more information on the project, go to the University of Exeter's centre for medical history.