James Edward Smith, Norwich, [Norfolk], to William Roscoe

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Ref No GB-110/JES/COR/17/61
Title James Edward Smith, Norwich, [Norfolk], to William Roscoe
Letter date 14 Aug 1808
Author(s) Sir James Edward Smith 1759-1828
Number of Pages 4

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GB-110/JES/COR/17/61 from James Edward Smith, Norwich, [Norfolk], to William Roscoe (14 August 1808)

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Item Type: Document
From: Smith, Sir James Edward
Sent from: Norwich, Norfolk
To: Roscoe, William

Replies to Roscoe's letter of 1 May. Thanks for Roscoe's notes on 'Canna', though there is not much new information; asks native country of Roscoe's 'Canna latifolia' and any authority used. Doubts whether [James] Sowerby will continue "Exotic botany" as it does not sell enough for a profit, though if he went on slowly it would pay. His work for [Abraham] Rees' "Cyclopedia" has increased and now includes the whole botanical part and biographies of botanists following death of [William] Wood; he has accepted as it sells 5000 copies and will help advance botany; he puts an "S" to articles he wishes to be responsible for.
New edition of his "Introduction to Botany" printing but has only made corrections. Intends to produce a new work called "Illustrations of Botany" with figures of new and interesting plants and genera, with possible chapter illustrating and criticising Jussieu's system. Second part of "Florae Graecae prodromus" printing and will finish "Flora Britannica" this winter. As usual will spend September in Lowestoft, [Suffolk]. His health is good but has been anxious for Roscoe's sons' health. Forced to to give up his visit to Lancashire but hopeful for next year. Thanks for Roscoe's second pamphlet, admires the introduction but observes that recent events in Spain are unfavourable for Roscoe's ideas of peace, and "sickens at the old story of subsidising Austria & Co again!".
Discussion of toads: asks after Roscoe's tale of a "toad in a hole in a wall" having just read a similar account in Roesel [von Rosenhof's (1705-1759)] "Historia naturalis rariarum"; his own observations of three live natterjack toads in his possession, 'Bufo terrestius foetidus' of Roesel t24; [Thomas] Pennant's "British Zoology" quotes Sir Joseph Banks on natterjacks but not Roesel.
[Letter probably incomplete: text interrupted, no signature or valediction]

Letter date: 14 Aug 1808
Languages: English
Prev Ref No: 17.123
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