Thomas Johnes, Hafod, [Cardiganshire], to James Edward Smith

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Ref No GB-110/JES/COR/16/42
Title Thomas Johnes, Hafod, [Cardiganshire], to James Edward Smith
Letter date 2 Feb 1798
Author(s) Thomas Johnes 1748-1816
Number of Pages 4

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GB-110/JES/COR/16/42 from Thomas Johnes, Hafod, [Cardiganshire], to James Edward Smith (2 February 1798)

Metadata for GB-110/JES/COR/16/42 from Thomas Johnes, Hafod, [Cardiganshire], to James Edward Smith (2 February 1798) Close

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Item Type: Document
From: Johnes, Thomas
Sent from: Hafod, Cardiganshire
To: Smith, Sir James Edward

Received Smith's letter of 26 [January]. Impressed with the skills of Mr Williams, who has made an "excellent radical cure of Mrs Johnes toothache"; thinks he will be beneficial for the country. Pleased to hear of Johnson's "very handsome" behaviour towards Mr Enfield. Thanks for gift of "Bufris" fruit "very like an exceeding fine medlar"; asks for a good quantity of them and Mrs Johnes requests Norwich biscuits. The Cardigan salmon has been forwarded, and the cheese must be sent before March or April: it is ripened in ale, similar to how Cheshire cheeses are floated in brine, "for those that like mellow rotten cheese, it would be a treat". Mrs Smith's cordon finished.
Received seeds from Charlotte [his sister, in India], describes physical characteristics of one, the others only have their common names so impossible to name them. Expecting two hundred seeds from gardens of Zarsco Zelo [palace in Russia, near St Petersburg], including the "fine peonies that are in the "Flora Rossica"". Satisfied a plant he sent Smith advertisement of is from Russia. His daughter's health much the same. The poor are very sickly. High winds with rain, very changeable.

Letter date: 2 Feb 1798
Languages: English
Prev Ref No: 16.77
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Related MaterialPallas, P S, (1784-1788). "Flora Rossica, seu stirpium imperii Rossici per Europam et Asiam indigenarum descriptiones et icones..." Petropolis: [printer:] Weitbrecht.
Finding AidsDawson, W R (1934). "Catalogue of the manuscripts in the Library of The Linnean Society - Part I. The Smith papers: The correspondence and miscellaneous papers of Sir James Edward Smith", London: Linnean Society.
AdditionalSmith replied 9 Feb [1798]