Brodiaea coronaria

Item data

Item Type: Specimen
Family Asparagaceae
Genus Brodiaea
Species coronaria
Collector Menzies, Archibald

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LINN-HS 578.1. Brodiaea coronaria (Herb Smith)

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Sheet data

Item Type: Specimen
Genus: Brodiaea
Species: coronaria
Genus number: 578
Sheet number: 1
Collector: Menzies, Archibald
Coll number: s.n.

Derived data

FamilyGenusSpeciesAuthorAnnotated byName type status
LILIACEAEHookeracoronariaSalisb.Kippist, R.-
LILIACEAEBrodiaeacoronaria(Salisb.) EnglerGroves, E.W.-
Family: Asparagaceae
Locality: New Georgia on the West Coast of North America
Country: United States
Country code: US