Amomum cardamomum

Item data

Item Type: Specimen
Family Zingiberaceae
Genus Amomum
Species cardamomum

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LINN 3.5 Amomum cardamomum (Herb Linn)

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Sheet data

Item Type: Specimen
Genus: Amomum
Species: cardamomum
Genus number: 3
Sheet number: 5
Suratt * CardamomumLinnaeus
Amomum verum certe. * [ticket] Amomum Cardamomum ex Herbario Linn. patius. If you could spare this again when done with, I should be glad. It is the best flower I have.Smith
Geography: Suratt
Author: Linnaeus, Carl
Collection history: Linnaeus, C.
Date speculative: No

Derived data

GenusSpeciesAnnotated by
AmomumcardamomumSmith, Sir James Edward
Amomumverum certeSmith, Sir James Edward
Family: Zingiberaceae
Locality: India > Gujarat > Surat
Country: Gujarat
Country code: IN
Region code: 40
Level 4 code: IND-GU
Species speculative: No
Genus speculative: No