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LINN 3948 Papilio sp. (Ins Linn)

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Specimen collections

Around 40,000 specimens from the collection of Carl Linnaeus, purchased from the estate of the Society's first President, Sir James Edward Smith, as well as Smith's own herbarium.

The library, correspondence and manuscripts of Carl Linnaeus

Linnaeus' private library of some 1,600 volumes, over 4,000 letters from 600 correspondents, and circa 300 manuscripts.

The correspondence of James Edward Smith

Over 3,500 scientific and personal letters of our founder and first President.

Alfred Russel Wallace's notebooks

Ten manuscript notebooks, including two field notebooks and four journals in which Wallace records his travels around the Malay archipelago.

Buchanan-Hamilton collection

A series of watercolours of Nepalese plants, probably painted by Nepalese artists, which were collected by Francis Buchanan-Hamilton between 1794 and 1815.